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Product description

SenSura Mio Baby barrier is designed specifically to fit the small, rounded bellies of babies with an ostomy. Designed with BodyFit Technology®, the barrierfits a baby's body contours and fits within the constraints of limited abdominal space. The barrier is also designed to balance the need for gentleness (due to babies'fragile skin)and a secure fit (despite typically aggressive output). Thanks to BodyFit Technology, the barrier supports long wear time without compromising skin-friendliness. The soft flange is designed for gentle application of the ostomy pouch with little pressure on the abdomen. The barrier's elasticbarrierbalances the pH level of the baby’s skin and absorbs moisture to keep the skin healthy. It has no pre-cut hole and is oval in shape, so it can be customized to cover up to two stomas.

Key Benefits

The SenSura® Mio Baby barrier features BodyFit Technology® to fit babies' small, round bellies gently and to cover multiple stomas if necessary. The adhesive balances the pH level of babies' skin and molds gently to body contours.

The coupling system includes a soft flange, so the ostomy pouch can be gently attached to the barrier, with only little pressure on the baby's abdomen.

The barrierhas no starter hole and can be customized to cover up to two stomas.