Product description

Performance - Designed for stent removal procedure

Isiris® α is an integrated solution, providing all material for stent removal needed. A single use flexible cystoscope with a digital vision and an integrated grasper, associated with a portable monitor .

Freedom to operate and resource saving = liberating

With Isiris® α, the stent removal procedure can be performed anywhere, anytime. There is no more need to book a dedicated room (endoscopy room with video stack), so the patient does not need to wait for an additional appointment. Stent removal is not restricted to standard operating hours, and using the solution lets time for other procedures in dedicated operating or endoscopy departments. Easy to transport and set up, the solution can be transferred between locations, and the surgeon does not need to be assisted by a nurse during the procedure, thanks to the design of Isiris® α, and its integrated grasper. Isiris® α is a single-use device, so it reduces staff workload in re-processing departments and repairs.

Safety and equipment preservation

Isiris® α provides the patient comfort acceptability of flexible cystoscopy.
As a single use device, Isiris α is always sterile and protects patients from cross-contamination due to re-processing failures. Using Isiris α for stent removal preserves expensive re-usable equipment quality for other more demanding procedures.