Product description

Needles for percutaneous nephrostomy - Puncture of the renal cavities:

  • Echogenic to facilitate ultrasound identification
  • Safety clip for better control of the procedure
  • Box of 5. 
  • Sterile

J and Malécot catheters - Percutaneous nephrostomy catheters for effective drainage of the renal cavities:

  • Vortek® material is the right compromise between rigidity and flexibility:
  • To facilitate catheter placement 
  • Effective drainage 
  • For better patient comfort 
  • For a superior glide over the guidewire
  • Vortek® radiopaque material helps to see catheters on X-ray
  • Catheters are supplied with: a silicone fixation sleeve, a universal connector with Luer lock and funnel, a one-way stopcock
  • Stylet makes catheter insertion and removal easier
  • Lengths: J catheters: 29 cm, Malécot catheters: 35 cm
  • Box of 5 
  • Sterile

Guidewires for percutaneous nephrostomy - for access, device placement and exchange:

  • Designed to suit different percutaneous techniques
  • Benefits wide range with multiple sizes in a variety of diameters and tip design
  • Features: Good torqueability for precise control and positioning, the flexible tip provides atraumatic advancement
  • Box of 5
  • Sterile

Dilators for percutaneous nephrostomy - for effective tract preparation:

  • Tapered tip for less traumatic advancement
  • Radiopaque material to ensure good visibility
  • Dilators with peel-away sheath protect the parenchyma and make withdrawal easier
  • Box of 5
  • Sterile

Silicone balloon catheters for percutaneous nephrostomy - for increased comfort during drainage:

  • Silicone material for biocompatibility, effective drainage and improved patient comfort
  • Radiopaque lines makes product clearly visible
  • 2 channels: inflation and drainage
  • Cm graduation markings ensure accurate placement
  • Individually packaged
  • Sterile