Product description

Orchestra guidewires:

  • Designed for access and to facilitate instrument exchange or placement during endourologic procedures
  • Available in a wide range of tip designs to accommodate a variety of procedural requirements
  • Super elastic alloy core for optimal performance and maximum deflection without kinking
  • Durable hydrophilic coating for greater efficiency, even after multiple instrument exchanges
  • Hydrophilic flexible tip to facilitate passage beyond obstructions and negotiate tortuous anatomy
  • Excellent turn-for-turn torque control to enhance responsiveness and manoeuvrability and to allow precise navigation and positioning
  • Box of 5
  • Sterile

PTFE-coated guidewires - Seldinger guidewires:

  • For access and insertion of devices during urologic procedures
  • Available in a large choice of configurations for multiple clinical scenarios
  • PTFE-coated core for precise control and positioning
  • Box of 5
  • Sterile