Product description


For stone extraction during ureteroscopy


Tipless basket designed for direct contact with tissue while providing minimal trauma and reducing bleeding


  • 4 wire basket designed for effective capture and repositioning stones in the kidney
  • 1.5 Ch/Fr sheath size for enhanced irrigation flow, visibility and scope deflection
  • Nitinol basket for maximum shape retention
  • Teflon coated sheath for perfect glide and smooth movements

Dormia No-Tip 1.5 Ch/Fr and 2.2 Ch/Fr

  • For flexible or semi-rigid ureteroscopy
  • 4 wire basket for effective stone capture and retrieval in the calyx

Dormia No-Tip 3.0 Ch/Fr

  • For semi-rigid ureteroscopy
  • 4 twisted wire with a flower design at the distal portion of the basket to facilitate stones
    and fragments retention during retrieval
  • Individually packaged 
  • Sterile