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SenSura® Mio Original 1-piece closed pouch

Enhanced fitting performance. SenSura® Mio is a new colostomy pouchdesigned to fit individual body shapes. It features an elastic adhesive with an ability to respond to body movements.

Product description

SenSuraMio – Fits individual body shapes. Feels secure

SenSura Mio is a new colostomy appliance designed with a unique adhesive that is formulated to enhance elasticity and fitting performance:

  • Elastic adhesive based on BodyFit® Technology
  • Pliable to individual body contours
  • Maintains a secure fit thanks to its ability to respond to natural body movements

Key Benefits

BodyFit® Technology – Designing with individual bodies in mind

BodyFit Technology is our new innovation platform within ostomy care. The knowledge that no two bodies are the same is at the core of our thinking and drives us on in our quest to design and develop solutions that can fit securely and comfortably to any body shape. We call this human-centric innovation.

The same but different

Human bodies share the same basic form but vary infinitely in terms of size and shape. What’s more, bodies don’t remain constant. We lose weight, or gain a few pounds. Our stomachs can bloat, our muscles contract. We move around, often vigorously. For some people, there are also hernias and scarring to consider.

The challenge is made all the more pressing by the knowledge that appliances that don’t fit securely to the body are a major cause of leakage – often the wearer’s biggest concern. By taking our starting point in people’s needs, Coloplast has set out on a journey to develop products that deliver a close fit to the peristomal area.

Visible cutting guide

The cutting guide has blue lines to help guide accurate cutting in relevant sizes. This helps make it easier for you to cut the barrier accurately to ensure a secure seal around your stoma.

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