Product description

Supris is a macroporous, knitted, monofilament polypropylene sling allowing for optimal tissue integration. (cf. 1) Supris can be placed using a bottom-up or top-down approach.

Low Elasticity and Less Material

The Supris sling has low elasticity at 7.5%, similar to collagen fibers. This allows the Supris sling an accurate tension-free adjustment. Supris has a thickness of 0.3mm leading to less implanted material and enhanced urethral support. (cf. 1)

No Sheath or Tensioning Suture

The Supris sling allows for simple and quick insertion, with no sheath or tensioning suture.

No Barbed or Tanged Edges

The Supris sling has unique, heat sealed edges without barbs facilitate easy passage during implantation, which helps to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue. 

Choice of Introducers

The Supris Sling System is supplied with the Supris sling and two arc shaped introducers. Introducers are ergo-dynamic allowing for easy grasp and passage along the back of the pelvic bone. The low 3.1mm profile of the introducers is designed to minimize tissue damage during insertion and to minimize the extent of a blind passage. (cf. 1)


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