Product description

Durasphere® EXP injectable bulking agent, is indicated for the treatment of women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD). Durasphere EXP is an effective treatment option with five-year durability data.

Durasphere EXP is made out of pyrolytic carbon-coated beads. When injected at the bladder neck in females creates increased tissue bulk. Over time, the body's own collagen deposits around the pyrolytic carbon-coated beads. (cf. 1) The Durasphere pencil point tip side port delivery needle is designed to puncture, not cut or core allowing for reduced tissue trauma and injection site extravastion. (cf. 1)

EXP is injected submucosally between the bladder neck and mid-urethra, via either a transurethral or periurethral approach. The injection of Durasphere EXP creates increased tissue bulk and subsequent coaptation from the bladder neck to the mid-urethra.


64.6% of patients tested maintained improved outcomes. (cf. 1)


Pyrolytic carbon-coated beads cannot be degraded by the body. (cf. 1)


Only bulking agent available for the transurethral and periurethral approach.


Data on file at Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc.